US130-G Series

Product Features

1 1/2" bar diameter

Exposed Flange

Unit is designed for security applications

Non-Security option available. See model number UG130-G

Product Specs

Tubing: Fabricated of #18 ga stainless steel with a #4 satin finish and 1 1/2” outside diameter. All bends are formed by an automatic mandrel bending process. All bars maintain a constant 1 1/2” offset. Add suffix “X” for peened grip (Nonslip finish) Ex. US130X-G-5436

Flanges: Fabricated of 3” diameter, #11 ga stainless steel with #4 satin finish to match tubing. Flanges are heliarc welded to bar to form a one piece construction, with 3 mounting points (1/4” dia.)

Closure Plate: Fabricated of #11 gauge stainless steel welded to the underside of the bar. LH or RH style must be indicated for this type bar.

Strength: Bars that provide a 1 1/2”offset can support loads in excess of 900 lbs when properly installed. Other configurations can support loads of excess of 250 lbs when properly installed. Grab bars must be installed properly to support the loads intended.

US130: Security Grab Bar, satin finish

US130X: Security Grab Bar, non-slip finish

*When measuring and ordering grab bars, remember bars are sized centerline to centerline.

*Grab Bars comply with ADA Code 4.26.2

*Non-chloric and non-abrasive cleaners should be used to clean surface of bars and flanges.

Installation Instruction

Before installing grab bars, verify with all state and local codes for requirements on bar diameter and type finish. Recommended mounting heights for grab bars are 33" - 36" centerline above finished floor. All mounting of grab bars when possible should h


24" x 24" Exposed Flange, 1.5" Diameter Security Grab Bar - Configuration G

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